Case Study: Hoboken Coffee Roasters

Overview & Results

When we connected with Hoboken Coffee, they were looking to grow their eCommerce sales to compliment their cafe sales in the most cost-effective way.

We grew their eCommerce sales +119%from Q1 to Q2 of 2020! We delivered a 4.29x Return on  Facebook Ad Spend over the last 6 months! We also launched a subscription program that acquired 40+ customers in the first 90 days generating in about $2,000 a month of recurring revenue!

Tools We Used

Our Approach

The Pour Over Method

1. Make consumers AWARE of your brand and educate them about your coffee.

2. Draw people to your brand who are INTERESTED in your coffee.

3. For consumers ready to take ACTION, giving them an easy, simple way to purchase your coffee.

4. Encourage repeat customers with subscriptions and create brand LOYALTY through reviews.

Their Results

eCommerce Redesign

- Increased Online Sales +119% from Q1 to Q2

6.73% Conversion Rate on 20,000+ unique sessions

- Increased Average Order Value to $43+ from < $30 

Facebook Paid Adveritising

4.2x Return on FB Ads (Lifetime)

550+ New Customers

$20,000+ in Online Sales from Facebook Ads

Email Marketing

- Added 1,200+ New Email Subscribers to Email List

$6,000+ Sales from Automated Flows

$12,000+ Sales from Email Campaigns

Subscription Program

to 40+ Subscribers in first 90 Days

($2,000+ Recurring Revenue)

25 Gift Boxes sold on Mother's Day ($1,875 total)

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