Case Study: Hoboken Coffee Roasters

When we connected with Hoboken Coffee, they were looking to grow their eCommerce sales to compliment their cafe sales in the most cost-effective way. We have generate $100,000+ in sales year to date ( November 1st, 2020 ), from only selling $2,500 in sales all of 2019!

Tools We Used


We used a combination of of Facebook and Instagram ads email marketing, and subscriptions to generate over $100,000+ in sales year to date.

~$30,000 - Facebook & Instagram Ads

~$21,000 - Email Marketing

~$11,500 - Subscriptions

~$2,000 in Monthly Subscription Revenue

eCommerce Redesign

$100,000+ in Sales YTD

5.75% Conversion Rate on 30,000+ unique sessions

- Increased Average Order Value to $43+ from < $30 

Facebook Paid Adveritising

4x Return on FB Ads (Lifetime)

700+ New Customers

$30,000+ in Online Sales from Facebook Ads

Email Marketing

- 1500+ New Email Subscribers to Email List

$8,500+ Sales from Automated Flows

$15,000+ Sales from Email Campaigns

Subscription Program

to 60+ Subscribers in first 120 Days

($2,500+ Recurring Revenue)

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